Controlled On/Off Loads Library dataset
a Public Dataset of High-Sampled Electrical Signals for Appliance Identification


The Controlled On/Off Loads Library (COOLL) is a dataset of high-sampled electrical current and voltage measurements representing individual appliances consumption. The measurements were taken in June 2016 in the PRISME laboratory of the University of Orléans, France. The appliances are mainly controllable appliances (i.e. we can precisely control their turn-on/off time instants). 42 appliances of 12 types were measured at a 100 kHz sampling frequency.


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COOLL data seems inaccessible for download using Google Chrome. So, please prefer another browser (Mozilla Firefox seems to work fine).

Data files may be read using Matlab function "audioread".

Access dataset contents here:

Meta data Data
appliances_and_action_delays.txt COOLL Data


Please cite the following paper:


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